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Digital Marketing, Strategy and Product Marketing are the three core subjects of Strategy D. After all the D stands for the Digital part of Marketing. Since Digital is key to all elements of modern Strategy, Product Marketing and general Marketing Strategy D – is an appropriate title for our work.

Inspiration for this website and blog comes from gaps observed in market specific to Marketing Strategy. Digital Marketing is the growing future of the profession. However, there are many examples of firms using brilliant tactics without consideration for basics like where do the tactics fit into the buyer’s journey.

Finding and learning from local marketing heroes, helps show examples of Marketing done well. Be it analytics, channel, product, brand, web, social or even traditional marketing; the world is surrounded by much poor to mediocre marketing with pockets of excellence. Strategy D seeks these few shining stars of excellence.

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Charles Dimov Blogging in OfficeMy name is Charles Dimov – the main author of the StrategyD.org blog.

With 20+ years of Business & Marketing experience – I love growing businesses and launching new products.

Be it B2B, B2C, or Channels in High-Tech – I take the Anxiety out of Digital Marketing Strategy,
which I both companies develop and execute.


• Product Marketing
• Digital Marketing
• Marketing Strategy
• Social Media Strategy
• New Product Launches (80+)
• Content Marketing & Blogging
• Category Brand Management
• Go To Market (GTM) & Business Planning
• Leadership / P&L Mgt / Marketing Budgets

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