Digital Product Marketing

Product Marketing Checklist: a Comprehensive 157 Point Guide

Product Marketing Checklist

Product Marketing Checklist Product Marketing Checklist makes an elusive profession a little easier to break down. Product Marketing requires holistic thinking, the ability to jump into many different and diverse roles as a jack-of-all-trades, and can be ill defined. Product…
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Marketing, Are you Digitally Organized?

Marketing - Digitally Organized?

Guest Blog: Cindy McIntyre   Digitally Organized Marketing Finally the new product is almost ready for launch!! The marketing campaign has been finalized and the collateral produced. Now after months, or even years, of planning for this product it is…
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Digital Product Marketing – Raise your Aim, Improve the Game

Digital Product Marketing Aim - Dartboard

Digital Product Marketing goes beyond merely digitizing product collateral and placing it on the web. Certainly, this is one element of what effective digital product marketing includes, but there is much more to this new domain. Taking a step back, consider product…
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