Digital Marketing Plan: A Simple Plan in Action

Digital Marketing Strategy ACPPA Matrix - example

Knowing about the ACPPA or AIDA model is good, but how do you really use it?

Here is where the fun starts. Again we will focus on ACPPA as both models are the same but using different wording. ACPPA gives us a great structure for thinking about the various marketing tools we will use for our plan. Note that even though ACPPA gives us a structured approach to our marketing choices, it still relies heavily on the marketer’s judgement. Specifically, it relies on the intent of how to use a particular tool, and defining its purpose in the marketing model.

Marketing Strategy ACPPA Blank Template

Blank ACPPA Matrix

As an example, we will work out what our marketing plan will be for a leisure focused community blogging site called XYZ blog <fictitious>. When you start out, there are a torrent of ideas about all the different tactics, campaigns, approaches, and platforms you will want to use. Unstructured brainstorming is a fantastic start. Once you have a good base of great ideas, we can start to align the tactics and make choices.

Set up a matrix similar to that shown here, with the ACPPA model across the top row, and the marketing tools along the leftmost column. Our initial brainstorming gave us ideas about which different digital and social media platforms would be useful to drive awareness, membership and participation in XYZ.


Marketing Model Examples

Step three is to think through each platform, how we intend to use it, and to which stage of the marketing model the platform relates. As an example, the first platform listed is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A well optimized site will fundamentally drive search engines to rank the site well on a particular set of topics, and will drive awareness. For our purposes, the most critical thing SEO will drive is awareness among those who stumble upon XYZ’s community blogging forum. So for SEO we check off that it will drive the Awareness stage of the ACPPA model.

Digital Marketing Strategy ACPPA Matrix - example

Example 1 partially filled ACPPA Matrix

In the case of Twitter, we resolve that tweeting catchy snippets of the community blogged posts will drive awareness of XYZ as a leisure blogging site. At first, the primary objective of using Twitter will be to grow a community of engaged followers, and drive awareness of the XYZ brand. As the following grows the focus may shift to driving consideration of clicking back to XYZ’s site to read the blog posts. With enough clicks back to interesting articles, the Twitter platform may eventually become both an awareness and a consideration driver.

Facebook activities will be similar to those for Twitter in this case, but perhaps hitting on a different audience and perhaps with deeper engagement with lengthier quoting and discussions than used on Twitter. Since this is startup marketing for XYZ, Facebook clip posting, commentary and questions will drive awareness of XYZ’s relatively unknown brand. It will also drive consideration, with the links going back to XYZ’s blog posts. However, Facebook should also drive a deeper sense of advocacy as followers start to comment on or share the short articles. In this case, as readership and engagement increases, we expect that a deeper level of engaged advocacy will take place – in which members start to refer other Facebook users to XYZ.

Next Steps

As we step through each brainstormed platform, we fill in the matrix. This gives us a picture of any gaps in the marketing stages – that may have been missed. It also gives us a chance to cut out overlapping tactics. For most firms, this will be a significant step… which we will discuss in our next post.

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