Digital Marketing Gaps – Gone in a Snap!

So far we have used a fictitious example of XYZ company, to show how to select different platforms. ACPPA helped find the duplication, which was one factor in choosing which digital marketing platforms to keep and which to drop for the initial marketing phase. Although fairly obvious, another important aspect of using the ACPPA matrix, is to identify gaps in the marketing funnel, and customer’s journey.

Figure 5 Finding the Marketing Gaps with ACPPA

Figure 5 Digital Marketing Gaps Identified with ACPPA

Let us presume for a moment that our initial brainstorming on digital marketing options amounted to only the platforms shown in Figure 5 (a slightly lighter version of what we showed in the previous two posts). This scenario also presumes that XYZ’s own community blog postings are only relevant for the purchase phase of the marketing cycle. Had XYZ chosen to lock its site such that posts were only readable to members who signed up and logged in, then XYZ’s blog would no longer serve as a Preference inducing stage. It would be a Purchase blog platform – only.

If XYZ’s scenarios and the brainstorming played out as described above, a marketing phase gap would be immediately evident – circled in red on figure 5. Here the matrix serves as a quick reference checklist. It makes sure each marketing phase is covered by the strategy and plan you roll out. Our matrix would just mean that we would have to brainstorm further to adjust or find new tactics to cover the preference phase. As you know by now, each step is crucial to leading the customers through the buying journey.

From Awareness to Advocacy the traditional marketing tool of the ACPPA model still applies well to helping create a robust digital marketing strategy. To start this series of blog posts on ACPPA / AIDA – we mentioned that using a traditional marketing model could make our digital marketing strategy a snap. Using a matrix is easy, structured, ensures we don’t miss important stages, and lets us select the critical platforms that best serve our needs (within resource constraints).

So … snap! :-)

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