Lean Branding a DIY Review

Lean Branding - for Startups

Lean Branding is a journey. This journey involves building a brand, identifying and measuring outcomes, then learning and adjusting accordingly – to guide that journey. Laura Busche keeps the premise simple, and guides readers through the various steps of getting their brands off on the right foot.

Aside from an introduction to what a brand is and the critical importance of it to your business, Lean Branding dives right into the build, measure and learn stages – with many practical and tactically useable marketing structures. Laura shows her experience in the product and brand launching realms by providing many tactically useful tables and structures that a business owner can immediately use to structure their own brand and marketing launch. Aside from providing examples in these tables, she also highlights the critical elements and dynamics that a brand owner wants to watch.

Lean Branding: All In Branding Package for Startups

Lean Branding: All In Branding Package for Startups

An example of one of the template-tables reviews key elements to a new product launch communication (p227). Details on the communication channels a product marketer will want to consider are included, with tips including offline reception, website, what to: blog, tweet, pin, and what to consider for your Facebook, and Instagram presence (if these are the digital tools you choose to use).

Throughout her book, Busche provides tools, criteria to consider, and guidance from her years helping over 300 entrepreneurs with their 90+ internet-based startups. Best, she speaks to both the small business owner – making these decisions on a limited budget, but touches on the key components that larger organisation brand leaders will also want to consider. Lean Branding’s overall premise is that practical publication to help lead marketers and owners as a Do It Youself (DIY) guide.

Beyond the publication, Busche also runs a website and blog www.LeanBranding.com which provides further posts on the various topics covered in the book, as well as resources. On the site, readers will find helpful powerpoint templates to help articulate a startup’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and links to tools on the many digital marketing aspects.

All told, Lean Branding: Creating Dynamic Brands to Generate Conversion is a worthwhile read for anyone actively engaged in marketing strategy, brand building and ultimately building a business!

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