Marketing Strategy – does is matter anymore?

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Featured imageYears ago, marketing strategy was a hot topic. Being the top of your game meant you were in marketing strategy. Marketing models like ACPP (Awareness, Consideration, Preference and Purchase) or AIDA (Awareness, Intention, Desire, Acquisition) were all the rage. Marketing plans were to spell out which platforms or tactics to use, for what reason, how to use it, into which stage of the ACPP or AIDA model it fit on the buyer’s journey, and how to structure it all into the marketing budget.

Digital Marketing

Evolution of our field to Digital Marketing seems to have left strategy behind. In many marketing conversations, ‘what’ has become paramount, and ‘why’ has become an afterthought. This point is highlighted when a marketer speaks of their ‘Twitter Strategy’. Not to be patronizing, but in case any reader is not aware – Twitter is not a strategy. Twitter is a platform, a tactic and tool. It is but one part of a true marketing strategy.

No doubt, digital marketing is the most exciting thing that has happened to marketing since ads came to television. It is an exciting evolution and revolution. It expands reach, speed, impact, testability, and provides a means of actively monitoring a tactic’s effectiveness in real-time. The days of not knowing which 50% of your marketing budget is effective, are fading into the non-digital abyss. Web analytics and social sentiment tools help you gauge a customer’s feelings, reaction, and product search behaviours. Campaigns, promotions, and marketing effectiveness are all monitored in real-time. Marketing managers can now figure out where they get the biggest bang for their marketing buck.

Yes the world of digital gives us all this. However, you still have to use your head, and a good framework to set a plan on how to take a customer from a state of un-awareness through to a final sale. ACPP and AIDA frameworks help us figure out which digital tool / platform to use, to get the buyer to the next step in the marketing funnel – to ultimately purchasing your product or service.

Marketing Plan in 2 hours

The situation is that your CEO wants a quick proposal for launching a new product. She wants it to be modern, cool, get the name out there, and really highlight the brand. Oh, and she wants it in 2 hours!

Without creating the full business plan – break it down to the core essentials. Focus on identifying who your target markets are, create a quick draft of the key one to three personas, then use the ACPP / AIDA model to identify which marketing platforms you will use to take prospects through a buyers journey to purchase the product. Using these age old marketing models, lets you figure out what platforms you will want to use to drive through the different stages of the buying cycle. It means that you will not expend all your marketing resources on one stage or another, and it will allow you to avoid duplicated efforts on leveraging multiple platforms for the same marketing stage. You may CHOOSE to have multiple platforms for a marketing stage – but at you will have made that decision consciously.

Does Marketing Strategy Matter?

Running digital marketing without understanding the ‘why’ of how each tactic moves the customer from one marketing stage to the next – means you might be wasting resources. A marketer’s gambit is to use the least amount of effort, resources and time to achieve an end goal. Clearly understanding that goal, AND why each resource moves a customer closer to a sale – is the critical success factor. To answer our original question, using the right resources to be effective – means that marketing strategy is still quite relevant, important, and critical to our success!

Stay tuned for the next blog post, in which we will take a look at a detailed example of how to use the ACPP / AIDA model in a digital marketing context.

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